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What they're trying to tell us is: that first they have poisoned our crops, the food we eat on a daily basis, our soil that food grows in and that we walk on, and our water supply (drainge from the soil into the water, which goes to our drinking water filtration symstem....)
and then,
once we're sick from them poisoning us,
they will come out with a wonder drug that will geneticly alter us and possibly make us sick...all at a cost, of course. Which willup our taxes, if we have medicare or medicaid, cuz we're already on disability from them poisoning us in the first place.

FRITO LAY puts poisonous dyes in their Doritos; MonoSodium Glutamate, which can cause seizures and make you feel 'doped up'; corn syrup solids, which can actually make you sick....General Foods uses all kinds of chemicals in it's cereals that are consumed by children and adults...and when enough is in our systems over a time, can actually make us 'crazy' (cause ADD, hyperactivity, etc.) and/or just plain SICK.
R.J. Reynolds pays the politicians BIG money to keep their tobacco plants growing...and then come out with new 'flavours', like they're making LifeSavers Candy instead of tossing in unknown toxi chemicals to get and keep children and adults hooked on a drug that is reknown to be worse than heroin. It is reported that it is chemically EASIER to get over an addiction to heroin than to get over an addiction to cigarrettes. And yet the tobacco companys are still at it, and still subliminally dealing to the kids, to get and keep them hooked, all while paying off the politicians to turn a blind eye, as they contribute to their 'Say No to Drugs' campaign. The sick twisted irony!
Meanwhile: the food we eat is being poisoned. But they'll come out with a new man-made drug to get us hooked on, so we don't die from their poison...

Sure, Organic is not cheap...but neither is chemical poisoning, and the medical costs and unemployment incurred because of it.
No wonder the world is insane.
It reminds me of the time I accidentally put dog flea powder on my cat, and she licked it off and lost her mind. She was never ever the same after that. It just made her...crazy. Wacked out like a mad hatter licking mercury. Well, that's what the big-wig corporations who grease the palms of the politicians are doing to US.
Isn't it about time we said, "Quit."
Boycott Nestle. Boycott Frite Lay. Boycott General Mills and any other corporation who puts poison and addictive ingredients in the food we eat, but they don't label it as such. (Warning! The Surgeon General states that eating these artificially-flavoured, dye-added, M.S.G. laden Guacamole-tasting corn chips contain chemicals that can make you sick, get you hooked, cause illness or even death if consumed in mass amounts or over a period of time!)

Write your government official. Write the Ag. Board. Write the President. Write, write, write, complain complain complain:

~ EmerEmer74@yahoo.com

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