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this is an interesting concept. I would be interested in trying out. I sound like a 26 year old but unfortunately I am 45 yrs old.

Jon Manners

What! A 35 year old isn't a senior! Hell, I'm 56 and I can't even get into a movie theatre as a senior! But I tell you what, I'd like to be on American Idol as a senior. How about a REAL senior American Idol? Now that'd be something. People with some grit and experience. ...Check my website -http://www.jonmanners.com -JON


I think you shoould raise the age limit to 45 years old

I can tell you right now if you only raise the age limit only 7 years the Talet will be less and the show will be less intresting to senior audienceses. Why? Well coming from a seniors perspective 35 is still young. It would be more appropriate to raise the age limit up 10 years.From 35 to 45.please consider What i have said and take this to heart and I promise your ratings will sky rocket.

please Read


Sheeze, it's amazing how useless we become after the age of 40 in this country. It's a shame, the best talent comes with maturity. I'm betting that all of those baby boomers out there would be willig to support a talent search for those of us 30 and up! Here hoping that American Idol gets some competition with another show who is willing to overlook a few years and open this competition up to everyone. A good name for a show like this would be "One More Chance" or something like that!

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